365 Project – November 2017

Date: December 2017

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Lost in a city (dream)

The dreams keep coming, incredibly vivid and intense lately.

I was at work at my current job when I got a notice that I had to fly out for training on quick notice. Not a huge deal, while I hate this I have done it before. I was in a large east coast city, although I think even in the dream I wasn’t sure which one.

I arrived at the work site the day before training, and one of the regular instructors informed me I would have to catch a bus to the training site the next day. Unlike our regular training where bussing is provided, it would have to be a public transit bus. I am fairly sure he told me where to go, but even in the dream I couldn’t tell you exactly where. All I knew was the city was huge.

So the rest of my coworkers scattered (we had evidently met at some public area, I think a bus station). I knew I had to get to the area that evening so I could crash in a hotel room first. I wandered across the street and around a bit but couldn’t find a single bus stop anywhere. I knew they should be right there.

I then walked down and into a little shop, with three younger ladies and asked them. They pointed out and indicated if I go across the street and down about half a block the bus would be right there. I thanked them for everything, turned around and left their shop, only to find I wasn’t in the same area, and there were no bus stops and no real roads, more like some weird area with lots of buildings, but once again no roads.

I turned around to go back in and ask when I found that their shop was gone as well. I was a little worried so I just walked in a straight line, figuring I am in a city, I will come across a road fairly soon through the buildings. That is when I end up on what appeared to be a single road, with woods on the other side. Then the sudden worry I was going to end up in Baltimore.

I have no idea where the city of Baltimore came from, but I woke up disorientated and lost feeling.

I suspect a lot of this has to do with the fact I had an impromptu training scheduled this week, where I got pushed hard to go to St. Louis. I was able to avoid that due to my broken foot, but it was half assed organization and I still have to grudgingly call in for useless training that won’t help for most of the week.

365 Project – December 2017

Date: December 2017

The music is “Isle of Doom” by Steven Lowther provided by http://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com
Website: http://www.luckyslife.com


More 365 Update

I am going to re-upload and repost my 365 projects from before 2018. They are scattered and disorganized and missing in a lot of cases. This is fine though as this gives me a cool project with my newly imported lifetime of pictures.

Means at the beginning of every month you will get the prior month’s pics, and between those I will go back slowly one month at a time and do this as well for 2017 all the way back to teen years if I can.


365 Project Update

I have finally been able to update the prior 2018 365 Project Months so the pictures that are in the video are below the video on the post. For some reason Final Cut wouldn’t allow some of my black and white pictures for previous months, but I figured out how to fix it, so some of the video pics aren’t the BW versions. That shouldn’t be an issue this part forward.

If you want to access the entire 365 project, just click on this link or the link on the header above called “365 Project

For the prior three months you can click these links:

I am going to fill in the missing 365 months/years in the archive with what I have, and all of the prior archives will get photo galleries of what images I do have.

Small Regrets

My anxiety exhibits a lot of time as small regrets, and is generally not world ending. These things tend to bother me a lot over time. I am not sure if that is normal or not, but it sometimes hits me hard, like it did a few minutes ago.

My dad has never known much about his father’s family, except that his father was supposed to be a German tank officer POW from World War II. The other rumor is it might have been a child of rape/incest, but that wasn’t the one referenced by a lot of people in my not so close extended family. The stuff I heard growing up means I still lean towards the first possibility more then the second, but there is no way to really know.

This is when they started advertising doing a DNA test for ancestry.com’s stuff that my dad became very interested in having it done. He brought it up to me that maybe someday I might be able to help him get that Now my parents were super poor (only had social security, and between them they only earned $995 a month, including food stamps) so they wouldn’t ever be able to afford it.

I told them I would get it for them. I saw my dad really wanted to know about where he is from (plus he always loved history stuff).

I originally was going to get it in the fall of 2015, but we were a bit tight on money so I pushed it off (they had a lot of money problems we needed to fix, like a $400 medicine bill). My dad was 67 years old, while in poor health it hadn’t changed in years so I figured I would look into that around Xmas/his birthday.

Then we came up to Christmas and I got him some old Roman coins, which he loved, and I wished I knew how inexpensive collecting coins like that was and how much he would have liked it. I would have bought him stuff like that years ago. However, the cost of buying my four nephew and nieces presents resulted in us spending way more then we should. This is in addition to my parents asked us to spend most of what we would spend on them on the kids as well so they could give the kids those presents.

So I figured I would pick it up for his 68th birthday in March. Sadly his health failed at the beginning of February and he was gone by February 11th.

He was never upset we didn’t get it for him then. He knew we were tight on money and if we got it for his birthday that would be great, if we didn’t that was find to. I also know he would never hold it against me now. Logic doesn’t seem to matter though since it really bothers me sometimes, especially when I get those DNAAncestry emails. 

I realize it isn’t rational to be upset by this. He wasn’t upset, why should I. However, that doesn’t change the fact it sometimes really bothers me a lot that I wasn’t able to get him that. This is sadly not unusual, I regret not doing more for them even now, almost 2 years after both my parents are gone.

I know we spent a lot of money and time taking care of my parents, more so then I think I have ever seen anyone else do. They were always thankful and they were always taken care of, but for some reason it never changes how much it makes me upset when I think about how much more they needed and I wasn’t able to supply it.

Time is flying by

I can’t believe it is already April (and halfway through that). It really only seems like October was just a couple of weeks ago (especially with the current weather). I even have put off running my hubby’s second game (Cthulhu-like) since November thinking I wanted to update it, but now its almost six months with it not being done. I need to fix that.

I guess a lot has happened though. We have had a surgery for Wolsey, along with a lot of healing. My foot has been broken for six months now, and our job is this endless purgatory that time doesn’t really seem to intersect with.

The good thing is a month ago the hubby got a state job, and is out of the purgatory/hell of the Defense Department. I am aiming to follow him out of the DoD as soon as possible. My first problem is my broken foot. I don’t dare leave until it is fixed, since it happened on the job and getting the feds to respond to anything from an ex-employee is impossible.

There are a couple other things that are holding me here for a couple months at least, mostly money and our lease. That combined with some things I haven’t talked about yet (but probably will in next few months) will signify a GIGANTIC change in my life, probably the second biggest event other then marrying the hubby. Definitely not a bad decision (actually its a very good decision I should have made decades ago), but it comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty.

I daresay I will sit down to talk about it in the next few months and be blown away by how quick the time keeps going by and all the changes. I guess that is life though, especially the older you get, the less a week or a month seem in comparison to your past experiences.

Here is to enjoying your time though! I plan on doing that.

Black Panther (2018)

The movie was absolutely fantastic. Hands down one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Full disclosure there will be a lot of similarities in this review to the review for Star Wars The Last Jedi and that is because a lot of white privileged crybabies are whining in their basement.

Let’s start with the negative aspects, there isn’t another one right this second. Yep, that is the only negative I could come up with.

The actors are all great, they were believable and intense (even better than Star Wars, yes I know that is sacrilege). To be honest the least favorite role I saw was Martin Freeman’s CIA agent. Compared to the intensity of everyone else

The plot was absolutely great. I don’t want to go in too much detail so not to spoil it, but the story kept going and didn’t feel too slow or too fast. It gave both room for actual speaking parts for more then just the lead man, there seemed to be a very strong woman’s presence and I loved it.

The special effects we all knew were going to be stunning, so it doesn’t really get too much surprise from me.

I did have some weird encounters about the movie after it was over.

One of my “friends” said it sucked because he couldn’t identify with anyone in the movie but Martin Freeman and his character sucked.” I just stood there dumbly listening to this person who had only recently said there is plenty of representation for people of color in movies, and that it isn’t a big deal if there is only one character your skin color.

I asked him who his favorite character was in Lord of the Rings, and he loved Gimli. I asked him why could he identify with Gimli, another species, who has no basis in reality, but not with any of the wonderful actors on the screen. I knew I made my point when he stomped off saying “F*** Y** Lucky”.

I thought the movie was so great on all levels. Not just the standard technical direction/acting/SFX but on giving marginalized people a voice. I hope there are a lot more. I will buy the tickets the same day they come out.

The good: Everything you could imagine, most importantly it was all the cast, not just the stars.

The bad: The whiny neckbeard whiners. They just came out of the basement long enough to harass people and then they will disappear again. Someday they might learn they have to share, then maybe they will join us here in reality.

The Complete Roman Army (book review)

The Complete Roman ArmyThe Complete Roman Army by Adrian Goldsworthy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a very good, moderately more then surface level review of the Roman Army during late Imperial times. It did have a lot of data I hadn’t seen before. It included bits and pieces about the day to day life and the uses of certain equipment, what happened after their service, religion and even what they did off duty.

It isn’t as in-depth as some older works, but it is written to make it easier to understand. It also isn’t something to be read like a novel, it has a lot more in common with a coffee table type textbook. The art is great though, the writing flows smoothly and I found it pretty nice.

It does give somewhat of a short shrift to the Roman Navy, to the early years, and the end years of the Roman Army. However, those are such different periods with different focuses that it might be for best not trying to cover them as well in more detail.

If you like stuff about Rome and the Roman Army, I definitely recommend this.

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Supernatural attack at work (dream)

I had a remarkably calm yet very clear dream last night.

I was at work (current DoD job) with my hubby and what seemed to be the entirety of all five offices in the area. We were in some sort of stadium seating conference room with the normal talking going on.

Hubby looked up and asked me if I heard it. I stopped and listened (which is funny if you know me, I have partial hearing loss) and something was going on. Both of us got up and started telling people to follow us outside. We went out the emergency exit and then it was an outside stairway going down what seemed like several stories.

We were halfway down and we knew there was some sort of attacker up there. It wasn’t a human with a gun, I keep thinking it was something big and nasty with pointy bits. However our coworkers are idiots. They kept going back up, there were donuts and they didn’t want to do any leave without pay by missing the conference (LWOP). The final argument most of them used was they wanted the promotion to Grade 13 and if the CAD director saw them gone they wouldn’t get it.

Eventually it was just me, hubby and a couple of the less idiotic people let outside at the bottom. We watched as everyone kept going back up and into the door a few floors above. Every time someone opened the door we would hear screaming and the sound of fighting, but they would still go inside.

The funny part was, I woke up and I wasn’t scared, or worried. I just kept thinking what a bunch of idiots. I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about that for most of my coworkers.