Things you should know ideas…

Things You Should Know has been running successfully for seven weeks. I have gotten great feedback and found I really enjoy this (almost more than video game LP’s). My next step is to add a third regular series of videos per week (my eventual goal is actually four, but I only want to add a single regular/semi-regular series at a time). Right now I am just trying to figure out what to do.

I want to cover things that most people don’t know or aren’t familiar with. I have kicked around the idea of something else historical (maybe a biography of lesser known people, or more recent history bits). I was also considering going into areas I am less familiar with. This would force me to learn stuff and I think that is great. I am considering astronomy (that is awesome), debunking myths, or perhaps teaching a new type of class (much like my accounting videos), even something along the lines of a science, or math type thing.

Before I make any decisions I wanted to ask people who do watch the videos, anyone have ideas? The basic idea is it would have to be teachable in 3-8 minute segments (or be able to be split up among segments), interesting enough that people want to watch and something I can do visually. I love the accounting series but that is about as dry as I want to go with a series. The Civil War stuff is great, especially with some of the pictures I can find, but I wonder if it would have been better to start with something like a more current war, that way video footage would be available.

Either way I wouldn’t start it up for a couple/few more weeks just so I can film up a respectable back stock, I am thinking around May 1st. Let me know what you think.

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen (Chatroulette Version)

I noticed a few cool things about this video.
1. The vast majority of people responded with a smile, danced or sang back. This is such a huge difference then when I was in my early 20’s (back in early ’90s). It is cool to see attitudes shifting and people being able to respond warmly.
2. The women almost exclusively danced back, not unexpected, but cool to see.
3. There were only a few freaked out faces.
4. Just a revisiting of number 1. I was surprised at how many younger males, especially very masculine looking males responded positively, sung back at Steve, danced with him or just gave him a big smile.
It gives me hope we are moving away as a culture from bigotry and hatred of people that don’t look normal. A few outliers are still trying to keep us homophobic, but that will hopefully die off with them 🙂
Oh, and the song is pretty catchy. I hadn’t heard it before (yes I am old and out of touch).