A General Update

I figured I would try and give a written version of my video blog, for those that can’t access the video (this wont necessarily happen very often, only when I have time so I suggest watching the video if you can).


It’s January 2, 2013 and I figured one of my goals this year would be to be more vocal, either in video blogging or regular blogging.

Well, I have been up since 3:00am this morning, not sure what the reason is. I think all the anxiety of my new duties at work are probably catching up to me, or it could be my annual anxiety due to the Holiday season/ deep dark winter. I am hoping if I can track when I have insomnia/anxiety issues I can figure out if there is a cause I can actual fix, or if it’s something I have to deal with.

Just a status update, my life is going good. My wife as always is awesome. She has been incredibly supportive, even when I get into a funk, or try to beat on myself.

My family’s health is stable; my parents while having their normal issues and possible lung cancer are in pretty good spirits. My siblings are doing well also. My friends all seem to be doing well, except I keep missing out on setting up a time to meet Yog’s new girlfriend. Hopefully we will fix that next week.

My new job seems to be working out well, if a bit stressful. I am now fully in charge of my areas. I assume that is what is freaking me out. It’s not that I can’t do it, its just I don’t have years under my belt like I did at my old job.

Oh, and my tattoo is entering the home stretch on my back. I have two, maybe three more sessions and the next session is in two weeks. Crossing my fingers that eventually I will get to a point where I can wrap a tattoo up in one or two sessions (this current tattoo has taken 9+ sessions in the last year).

Oh, and one last thing. I realize I posted this earlier, but I thought I would say it again. Originally I planned on the traditional working out, get in shape, blah blah blah resolution. Honestly, my weight hasn’t shifted much in either direction no matter how much I work out, control my eating etc. So I think this year, instead of doing that I am going to just focus on loving me. You heard that right; it’s about loving me and accepting however this works out.

Well, that is about it for the day. Even with the insomnia, things are going well and I just wanted to check in J.

Tattoo Update

Just an update on my back tattoo on Christmas Day 2012 (12/25/2012). Down to only two or three more sessions. When I get it finished I will get closer photos so you can see the details (there are a lot of details).

Also, I am trying to put more pictures up of myself. I have a lot of body issues with myself, its a reason there are very few photos of me compared to my family friends. I have lately come to the realization that I need to accept myself, and the way I look. I am going to continue to try and get healthy, but I need to accept I am heading for 42 and the odds are a lot less likely I will ever be skinny again then when I was 30 (and honestly I was about this size then). I just need to realize that others will either find me attractive or they won’t, and it is their loss if they don’t.

Tattoo Update

Here are two photos of my Tattoos, with descriptions. I still have a long way to go.


Back tattoo as of 9-8-12


My back tattoos as of 9-8-12. I still have many sessions to go. This overall tattoo is a symbol of my life. The yin-yang of good and bad (devil girl, angel) from Catholicism. Then Buddhism is represented as I have the pagoda, water fall/fire and the Dharma wheel (which my tattoo artist rocks and gave it a chaos symbol feel.

Of course the Dharma wheel has an apple and a serpent to once again intermix Christianity with Buddhism.The tattoos above are the Sacred Heart, for Catholicism past, Heraldic Lion (I am a Leo), a Scorpion for my wife (a scorpio). Those upper tattoos will be incorporated to the rest of the back tattoo as we work our way upwards.


Apple/Dharma Wheel from the back tattoo.

The combined imagery of the Buddhist Dharma Wheel (mixed with a bit of Chaos symbolism) the apple and the serpent. The weird reflection (white spots) is the A&D Ointment, the color is solid underneath, just need to take care of my tattoo while its healing.