Deep Ones vs Minions 2-1 Victory!

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: 3rd Season
Game Date: July 20, 2014
Home Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Away Team: Mill Creek Mighty Minions
Final Score: Deep Ones 2, Minions 1  –VICTORY!
Deep One Stats:  1 – 0 – 0  (pre-season 1 – 0 – 1)

Kick off 3rd Season 1st Game

Setup for the first kick-off, with the Deep Ones receiving.

Fans Rush 3rd Season 1st Game

Upon the actual kick-off, the fans raced the field leaving both teams reeling with stunned players, sadly the Deep Ones took the worst of it.

Treemen 3rd Season 1st Game

Treemen for the Minons were brutal, with not rolling “take root” for most of the first half they injured several players, including putting two out for the next game and permanently injuring Marshawn Pinch and reducing his MA by one.

Treemen Down 3rd Season 1st Game

After brutal grinding, the Deep Ones began to make a break.

Touchdown 3rd Season 1st Game

We are almost there!

Kickoff 3rd Season 1st Game

Setup for kick-off to the Minions

Brutal 3rd Season 1st Game

The match ends with a 2 – 1 victory and with that the Deep Ones will continue on into the season.


  • MVPs – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7)
  • Casualties Inflicted – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7)
  • Casualties Received Marshawn Pinch (#11) (out for the next game, -1 MA permanently), Ron Alexander (#12) (out for the next game)


  • Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9), added “Guard”


It was a close game the entire time. I had never played a halfling team before and honestly there was some overconfidence. That overconfidence left when I saw the two normal treemen that were part of the team, and the star player that Casebolt the Commissioner brought in. This resulted in most of the first half of the Deep Ones being grinded into the ground. 3 players were injured (two out for the next game and one with a permanent -1 MA). I had never imagined the nightmare of the brutality of treemen who never end up rolling “take root”. They are slow, but when you have to put people on the line, you can’t avoid them.

I am learning to move in formations more. The box formation saved me on the first half. The second half they had evened up the score 1-1 and I was able to move in and score the second touchdown. After that Casebolt moved down the field and in an desperate bid to stop him, Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth dodged into two squares, each with three tackle-zones in order to blitz the ball carrier. I needed to roll a 6 twice. The first roll was a natural 6, the second square was different. We got the success with a use of the team re-roll and I was able to stop the halflings from tying it up again.

So the lessons I learned from this:

  • Don’t underestimate stunty teams, and their large monster players.
  • Learn to fear the throw-teammate ability.
  • Don’t underestimate the ability to move a box formation to prevent the opponent from taking the ball from you.
  • Never hesitate to dodge in. The game is about taking chances. A spectacular defeat is better then boring careful movement (and its even better when you beat all odds).

Deep Ones vs Epidemics 0 – 0

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: Pre-Season – 3rd Season
Game Date: June 22, 2014
Home Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Away Team: Ever-Rott Epidemics
Final Score: Deep Ones 0, Epidemics 0  -Tie!
Deep One Stats: 1 – 0 – 1 (pre-season)

Pre-Season Game 2 EBBL 3rd Season

Initial kick off, with the Deep Ones receiving the ball.

PSG2 - 3rd EBBL Season

After half-time, the Deep Ones are tied 0 – 0 with the Epidemics.

Pre-Season Game 2 EBBL 3rd Season

Second half started with the Epidemics receiving the ball

PSG2 - 2nd Half

In an unexpected turn of events, Deep One thrower Goorin Moon killed Poxy Paul the Rotter, and within one more turn the Ogre Pete Ferril had killed Oozing Oliver as well.

PS Ep vs DO

The match ends with a 0 – 0 tie and with that the Deep Ones will continue on into the regular season.


  • MVPs – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7), Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16)
  • Casualties Inflicted. – Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9)


  • Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7), added “Guard”
  • Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16) added “Guard”
  • Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), added “Block”
  • Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9), added “Guard”

GAME OBSERVATIONS: The game went really well even with a tie. My opposing coach Phyrloki was great to play with and a lot of out of game sportsmanship (it’s Blood Bowl, there is never any “in game” sportsmanship).  The score let’s you know how the game went, it was completely a knock down and drag out fight. I think I got one pass off, and Phy got the ball twice down in my red zone but none of us could get anywhere. What I did learn is I am not aggressive enough. I need to be less worried about failing rolls, after all I was failing them anyways. I think if I had took advantage of my speed (my team is slightly faster) we might have pulled a point or two out. I think next time I will read up on the opposing team ahead of time and read up on strategies. I think I am going to purchase an apothecary for that valuable health reroll in case of injury, and save up to get a catcher (should be next game, since I have 50k remaining). I do war with the idea of picking up a lineman though, get an extra teammate since right now I have exactly 11 men, so any injuries will make me less able to engage in the next rounds.

3rd EBBL Pre-season 1 Game Curb Jobs vs Deep Ones

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: Pre-Season – 3rd Season
Game Date: June 7, 2014
Away Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Home Team: Northsound Curb Jobs
Final Score: Deep Ones 2, Curb Jobs 0  – Deep Ones Victory!
Deep One Stats: 1-0 (pre-season)

Set Up - Kick OffInitial kick off, with the Deep Ones receiving the ball.

Post HalftimeAfter half-time, the Deep Ones are ahead 1-0, but the ogre Pete Ferril is knocked out.

Last TurnThe final turn, where the Curb Jobs realize they will not overcome the 0-2 score, and instead focus on causing some fouling pain to poor Pete Ferril (Ogre) who had finally gotten back in the game.


  • MVPs – Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16)
  • Comps. – Loaf Tatoopoo, Blitzer (#7), Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth, Blitzer (#9).
  • TDs – Richard Sher-men, Blitzer (#8), Ron Alexander, Lineman (#12)

This was my first table top blood bowl game in a long time. I have to say I was nervous. I am very lucky though, our Commissioner and other players are all very nice, and very inclusive. I got to play against BobWolf and his goblin team.

The game itself went smoothly. Humans against goblins I think favors the humans overall, but two trolls and two fanatics have some good hitting power. Plus Bob is pretty good at taking every advantage he could to foul.

The first half went smoothly. The humans ran the ball in fairly quickly with minimal losses. The goblings got the ball back, and while the humans did hold the gobbos off from scoring, it cost several humans and Pete Ferril, my esteemed ogre, knockouts to do so.

We came back to the second half, once again kicking off to the goblins and this time several men down, including Pete. It was hard fought, but with some dodging and diving, the humans were able to take back the ball and score. The final few rounds were the goblins trying to score some extra SPP by fouling and pulling out their big toys. The humans kept the lead and walked away with a 2-0 victory, and no serious injuries (albeit pre-season injuries/deaths don’t count).

I had an awesome time, I am definitely glad to get involved and I think I may even start a separate blog to track all my Games Workshop games (since I am now playing 40k and blood bowl).

Bloodbowl Combine 1

I have been trying to get back into tabletop wargaming for the last few weeks. During this time I have been collecting some Warhammer 40k Space Marines, and the Bolt Action main book. Well I learned that MuGu Games had a Blood Bowl league. I haven’t played the miniature version of Blood Bowl in over 8 years. Of course I had to look into it.

I talked to a pretty cool guy named Jason and he told me about the Blood Bowl league website he hosts for this league at So today we had the first of three combines for the league before the Golden Tentacle tournament in April and the new Blood Bowl Season in May.

I had a lot of fun, I played a guy named Tim. I played a human team while he played an elf. I didn’t do too bad, I lost 1-0 but it was down to the wire the entire game. Like I said though, it was great fun and now I need to look for a human team to buy. I am fortunate, Jason has a team I can play until then, but I really want to paint one for myself.

Here is a couple of pics from the game. The first is bashing down the elf line and the second I am trying to push my way up the field after the ogre had retrieved a fumble. I really want a better camera though.
Combine 1-2014

Combine 1-2014 -2The next combine is in two weeks. I might try orcs for that game, just so I can get a feel of the two teams. In addition I might check out the Bolt Action tournament the same weekend as well, I will get into that game I just want to see it played a couple of times before I commit to a force.

That is it for my weekend gaming update 🙂


Well here I am again, yesterday was so damn hot I couldn’t even do a posting. I basically went to class, studied, came home and played a little CS, a little Madden and studied a bit. I have a midterm today in 4 hours in my Roman Lit. class. I am pretty anxious by it and I should at this exact moment be studying but I can’t seem to do it. I will probably post this and then watch a buffy rerun on tv (its an episode for a season me and goat don’t own) and then at 9 I will start studying (that will give me 2 hours before test).

I don’t feel sore at all after sparring Sunday except for my ankle, lol guess maybe I shouldn’t spar on a fractured ankle but if thats all that aches I am surprised. I am pretty happy I get to quit the job at Papa Murphy’s. Don’t get me wrong I like the District Manager alot, Mike is a great guy but the actual store manager Troy is an absolute moron and can’t even call me by my real name, he keeps calling me Laughy and all it was doing was pissing me off.

On a good note I am awfully excited about Dying Light. We made up practice characters and I think the system will work well. The other thing that is great is the fact that a starting character is not useless nor does a person ever get so high a level that they plateau on ever gaining skills. I think we are all pretty excited.

I am also feeling much better about running games. Normally for my group I am the GM/DM but last year or so its been hard for me to run things. This happens sometimes, I know its not that I don’t want to, its just usually stress in the rest of my life that prevents me from doing things like that. I am pretty psyched about D&D, although I think I am going to lay down the law about arguing with the GM. I am tired of the arguing and if people can’t hack my decisions they need to find another GM.

Also we are starting to play Heavy Gear, we are starting with just the table top miniature game to make sure we like it but if that works out I will be starting a Sunday game (D&D is currently our Saturday game). I feel bad, I normally run solo games for Jello but last few months have not been good for my stress. I freak out about money. However I am feeling much better, now I just hope that I can get into the groove of his current character so I can start playing it, the only problem when I get to stressed to play is if its too long a time I sometimes lose the ability to keep that campaign going and need him to start something new.

Ahh stress, money is my number one thing I stress about. Legacies really crushed all our reserves, made us declare bankruptcy and pretty much caused my life a tremendous amount of stress. I think the most upsetting thing about it is the shit people said behind our back. I especially think its funny that all the people that were incredibly nice to us as owners and always talked to us have pretty much never contacted us since we gave it up. Max I want to thank you for attempting to warn me and Jello of that, we figured you were exaggerating, surely people would not be so two faced because of a game. You warned us and you were right. Oh well I think we are going to adopt the Acts of Gord (at type of management for Dying Light. I think the funny thing is the shit people still say behind our back. But we decided this time around to take a different perspective, Gord definately has the right idea.

Well I should stop bitching and move on, I am really glad that some of the legacies people did stay in contact and I like them, the ones that are two faced can kiss my ass and are not important to me anyways.

On a good note our MU Clan server was full most of yesterday, we have been working on getting it filled and it now is starting to. WOOOT. Well its getting close to time for breakfast and then studying. I might post when I get home tonight. Cya all.