Dying Light Episode 2

Just got back from Dying Light. It was even better then the first game. Unfortunately some of our players were not able to make it, however we had several new players (and we are keeping at least three, a fourth that will play when they aren't in UT and have time and the fifth, well you never know maybe he will become a gamer) and even though it was a couple of players less the game was incredibly fun (a lot more fun then the first, and I loved the first).

There was undead, pirate merchants, Cyborg commanders, Beastmen shamans, Vampire merchants, Marketday, swarms of more undead, a skull that was a magical key, more undead, a Death Shrine starting to open, defense building by the town, sacrifice of people to the portal, more undead, a beautifully executed ritual that slowed the portal and finally more death.

Oh, and lets not forget a bitter Banshee that keeps coming back.

There are of course more interactions, and I am sure these I just listed don't make sense. I just thought I would give a incredibly quick briefing of the event before I got some tea and food. Be prepared for a more detailed update. All I have left to say is I love the game, I think we are building an incredibly strong core and by the time we are done with the BETA season (October 16-18) I think we will be well on our way to an established game, that may be smaller for awhile, but beats out the competition 😉

Regular life update.

Three weeks from today is the magic day I sit for the CPA exam (FARS section). I ask myself "am I ready"? The answer is not really. I have read all 1600 pages of hardcopy for the test, I have finished about 1/3 of the online study materials (about the same amount of pages, but there is quizzes on each section).

Could I have been more ready? Absolutely. When I first signed up and paid the money 5 months ago I assumed I would study for a couple months and take the test. I hadn't really paid attention to how much study it would take, so when I got through the 1600 pages in two months I thought I might be ready. I got to the online studying, took some tests and realized that was not the case.
At about that point in time is when I got promoted. Being an Assistant State Auditor 3 AIC (Auditor in Charge) means I am responsible for a whole hell of a lot more then I was. From start to finish the audits on cities, counties, water district, fire districts and about 100 other types (never had I realized before this job how many local governments there actually are). I can handle the job, I am good at it, but it took a lot more time getting into the swing of being in charge.
At that point I started the Snohomish County Financial Statement Audit. Its the largest audit of my team, and the third or fourth (depends on the year) largest state audit. I was a bit confused why I was selected (it is a tremendous resume filler if I ever decide to leave) and I know there were grumblings from people who had been with our team for 3+ more years and they have never been selected.
This audit required a lot of time and a bit of stress as I got the learning curve. This meant very little study for the CPA exam. Although it did mean a lot of exchange time built up that allowed me to take a lot of days off after that audit.
In addition we started Dying Light and that took time and effort away from studying, plus the fact that I have just finished a little over a year ago (well 18 months) about 10 years of college. I hate studying, and I definitely hate studying accounting stuff.
All of this leads me to now. I don't have a lot more time, and I have so much more studying to do. Does this mean I will buckle down and spend 4+ hours a day studying? No, no it doesn't. Too much is going on, Dying Light starts in 4 weeks, a new audit starts Monday and I want to see my beautiful wife and keep running games, and maybe even enjoy the remains of the summer.
Will I sit for the test? Absolutely. Who knows, maybe I will luck out. The actual test usually only covers 5-7% of our study materials (its a four hour test designed to cover almost 200 areas of financial statement treatment and GAAP pronouncements). Maybe I will luck out and that 5-7% will be in the area I feel good in.
If I don't make it, I will probably purchase the video aspect of the study materials for this section. I have always learned better in a classroom setting with someone lecturing. For about $200 you can get the video part of the study materials for this section, if I don't pass it this time then maybe I should invest in it. This means next time I wont even register for the test until I have passed all the study material and feel ready to go.
I will get this CPA, but I think I just wasn't ready to put that much time in studying.
I do have to say I feel better. I know my beautiful wife wont hate me, and she knows I will get the certification. Overall, having accepted my situation I feel much calmer and can now enjoy the rest of the summer.

First Dying Light Playtest

Well our first day of playtesting helped. Oh my god it rocked. The system is excellent giving everyone their own special abilities and combat is even more exciting then Legacies ever was. The biggest advantage is that combat is quick. In Legacies a group combat that we had during playtested would have lasted 10-15 minutes. During playtest true combat was over in less than 5. The funny thing was combat was still very equivelant to any of the awesome battles we have in Legacies.

Honestly ever since we gave up legacies I have noticed a large percentage of the people who proclaimed to be our friend and like what we did with Legacies are now spouting shit out of their asses. Its really frustrating to hear things concerning "the previous owners who screwed up the game" did they even understand that Legacies was over when we picked it up. Mike Haner and crew had decided it was over, me and sage at great personal expense (about $8000 and a bankruptcy) and got it going again. Of course we saw the "good old boys network" as wrong and we took the "privelages" away that certain people like Reijo, Drew and others. We made them play the same rules as everyone else and like little babies they quit and didn't come back. We spent a lot of time on Legacies and all we got was shit back. I gotta feel sorry for Sandy because I am hearing things already about how "fucked up the new owners are" and I know that Sandy is a great guy and doesn't deserve that kind of shit.
Well I will stop that ramble before it gets too extensive (I am still pretty bitter about whole situation) actually after Legacies I was very much of the opinion that Larping sucked ass and I never wanted to see Larpers again. Now I realize that not everyone falls under this category but its easy to stereotype. However sage really wanted to try Dying Light so I sat down and came up with the thought process behind the uniclass system, handed sage the notes (which were written on Shari's napkins) and she created it into a clear and concise set of rules. Then with much input and advice from Dunk we got the rules finalized. Then Sage did a huge ton of work on the histories, meanwhile I have created the website, and the monster manual (plus the entire setup for a new logistics, not at all like the old model at Legacies). But to be honest I have always felt a doubt about Dying Light. Well today that Doubt was almost completely erased. We had 11 playtesters and we went out to the park with full costumes (people thought we were strange). The day was great, we found the system to be extremely streamlined and the combat and system incredibly simple. After all this I am excited about the next playtest (which is probably going to be August 25th). So this means I think we have an awesome Larp and I think it will be fun. I really hope Sandman and Meta Diva can make it some day (if not to a playtest then to the actual event) its awesome and I would love to share it with some of my friends.
Well I will stop now, this has become a novel length post, I will probably post tommorrow.


Well here I am again, yesterday was so damn hot I couldn’t even do a posting. I basically went to class, studied, came home and played a little CS, a little Madden and studied a bit. I have a midterm today in 4 hours in my Roman Lit. class. I am pretty anxious by it and I should at this exact moment be studying but I can’t seem to do it. I will probably post this and then watch a buffy rerun on tv (its an episode for a season me and goat don’t own) and then at 9 I will start studying (that will give me 2 hours before test).

I don’t feel sore at all after sparring Sunday except for my ankle, lol guess maybe I shouldn’t spar on a fractured ankle but if thats all that aches I am surprised. I am pretty happy I get to quit the job at Papa Murphy’s. Don’t get me wrong I like the District Manager alot, Mike is a great guy but the actual store manager Troy is an absolute moron and can’t even call me by my real name, he keeps calling me Laughy and all it was doing was pissing me off.

On a good note I am awfully excited about Dying Light. We made up practice characters and I think the system will work well. The other thing that is great is the fact that a starting character is not useless nor does a person ever get so high a level that they plateau on ever gaining skills. I think we are all pretty excited.

I am also feeling much better about running games. Normally for my group I am the GM/DM but last year or so its been hard for me to run things. This happens sometimes, I know its not that I don’t want to, its just usually stress in the rest of my life that prevents me from doing things like that. I am pretty psyched about D&D, although I think I am going to lay down the law about arguing with the GM. I am tired of the arguing and if people can’t hack my decisions they need to find another GM.

Also we are starting to play Heavy Gear, we are starting with just the table top miniature game to make sure we like it but if that works out I will be starting a Sunday game (D&D is currently our Saturday game). I feel bad, I normally run solo games for Jello but last few months have not been good for my stress. I freak out about money. However I am feeling much better, now I just hope that I can get into the groove of his current character so I can start playing it, the only problem when I get to stressed to play is if its too long a time I sometimes lose the ability to keep that campaign going and need him to start something new.

Ahh stress, money is my number one thing I stress about. Legacies really crushed all our reserves, made us declare bankruptcy and pretty much caused my life a tremendous amount of stress. I think the most upsetting thing about it is the shit people said behind our back. I especially think its funny that all the people that were incredibly nice to us as owners and always talked to us have pretty much never contacted us since we gave it up. Max I want to thank you for attempting to warn me and Jello of that, we figured you were exaggerating, surely people would not be so two faced because of a game. You warned us and you were right. Oh well I think we are going to adopt the Acts of Gord (at http://www.actsofgord.com) type of management for Dying Light. I think the funny thing is the shit people still say behind our back. But we decided this time around to take a different perspective, Gord definately has the right idea.

Well I should stop bitching and move on, I am really glad that some of the legacies people did stay in contact and I like them, the ones that are two faced can kiss my ass and are not important to me anyways.

On a good note our MU Clan server was full most of yesterday, we have been working on getting it filled and it now is starting to. WOOOT. Well its getting close to time for breakfast and then studying. I might post when I get home tonight. Cya all.