April 2018 Rollup

I keep meaning to do a regular post that covers the generalities of the prior month, especially when I am not being prolific here. That being said, there won’t be much here. It was a very slow month.

My month can be divided into a few of things.

The first that I still had my broken foot from October. I am in one of those cast/boots and couldn’t really walk any distance. This also meant I couldn’t drive my manual transmission car to work so I teleworked all month. I am fortunate that I may hate my job, but there are a few positives, namely this time the ability to telework from home. They were supportive (they couldn’t really not be supportive considering this is a work injury). This meant I didn’t have to blow my saved up personal leave which will save it up for future needed purposes!

Ahh… memories of dirty pillow cases wrapped around my broken foot by the paramedics because they didn’t want to use new splint on a non-Boeing employee.

The other big experience in April was so many medical and dental appointments. There was more than 5 different doctor and dentists appointments. The doctors were for my foot, and for various other things (maybe I will do TMI post at some point) and dentist did a root canal and started rebuilding my back two teeth to put in a bridge. The good news is by the end of the month all that is left is two appointments before I get my bridge finished. 

Common sight at these appointments.

We did have a couple of single day things happen. The first was when the hubby and I went to go visit our friend Rae, that was fantastic (and great Indian Food at Saffron Grill). So one day of great eating this month.

The last thing we did was gaming at the end of the month. The group performed some boarding actions on a slaver vessel, with only some resemblance to Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a good evening of laughing, roleplaying and enjoying a story. Hell we even have a WordPress campaign site for it at silkandspices.wordpress.com. It was a great time, and just capped off a positive moving month.

End of a really great evening.