My Homes

Below is a gallery of places I have lived in my life, I am hoping to have an old and a new picture side by side for comparison. These will be added as I get photos. In addition these photos should each be linked to a post about where we lived. Sort of a background of the events I talk about in that area. I am trying to get one or two old pictures of each place along with one or two newer (after I lived there). This may become very long, which case I may break this up into multiple sub-pages.

Seattle, WA (1971 – 1972) 

Sadly, at this time I have no knowledge of the exact addresses. I will do more research though and see if I can update this in the future. All the pictures of me as a baby are from this area.

Dallas Texas (1973)  

My parents moved down here in 1973 for construction work. I have no capability to upload a new picture as I live 2,000 miles away, so no new photos.


Everett, WA (lived there 1974-1985)

12 Pines Apartments (1974 – 1983) – New images coming, so no update/writeup yet.


2301 Wetmore Avenue (1983-1984) – I don’t believe I have any photos of living there, and the new images coming, so no update yet.

3200 Lombard Avenue (1984-1985) – New images coming, so no update yet.

Lake Stevens (1985 – 1986) 

We lived in one mobile home here, only have internal pictures now, I think there are new pictures that haven’t been scanned and will do this section when I get to it. At this point I don’t remember the address.

Various Homeless (1986)

Tahoe Mountain Lodge (summer of 1986) – We lived here during our homeless escapades for the summer. I wrote a whole post on it here. The images will also connect you to the post, where you can get bigger images.


Blaine/Birch Bay, WA (1986-1987)

We moved to Birch Bay in the summer of 1986. First it was the state park, then a trailer. The writeup contains both locations in it.

Birch Bay State Park (First Row) – We lived homeless out of the Birch Bay State Park during the summer. I posted about it here.


Lara Lane, Birch Bay (Second Row) – We moved from the state park and lived in this trailer on Lara Lane for fall through until Spring 1987. I posted about it here.


Bellingham, WA (1987 – 2007)

1020 N. Forest St, Bellingham WA (winter 1987) – We moved into this place as emergency housing. No old pictures that I know of, and the building is gone, but here is the new place and a new post about it here.

Current image N. Forest Lived there in Winter 86/Spring 87

615 Virginia St, Bellingham WA (spring/summer 1987) – This was our first proper place in Bellingham. No old pictures that I know of currently (if that changes I will update it). I posted about it here.


2211 Iron Street, Bellingham WA (summer/fall 1987 and winter 1988) – Our first place with three full bedrooms since Lake Stevens. I gave it a small post here.


823 High Street, Bellingham WA (winter 1988 through Spring/Summer 1990) – My last time living with my parents longer than a couple weeks. Three bedroom place. I gave it a small post here.

Seattle, WA (2007-2008)


Everett, WA (2008 – 2014)


Lynnwood, WA (2012)


Renton, WA (2014 – Present)