Not A Lucky Day Today

Today was a bit rough. I got to work, getting ready to work through a sample plan for an audit I was on. I walked over to my cubicle, turned and pivoted on my left ankle, and the next thing I knew I was smashing off my desk as I fell, barely stopping my head being smacked by holding out my left hand.

Me in the cubicle of shame. Not this day though.

I laid there for a few moments, stunned, picked myself up and planted myself in my chair. I sat there for a few moments with a burning foot. One of my coworkers named Bill came over to check on me. He joked around, ribbing me for the fall. I pulled my shoe and sock off and noticed a huge lump on my foot.

Within 15 minutes I was surrounded by two supervisors, our Resident Auditor (think a full manager of the office) and four or five auditors (a revolving mix) all checking on me. During this time it got even more swollen. Eventually it was decided one of my supervisors would drive me to the ER. The problem is, the defense contractor we work at is a huge city size campus. The building we are in is larger than a football field and there was no way I could walk anywhere.

One of the supervisors called the paramedics (the contractor has their own in house fire department and paramedics) and the paramedics were there within a few minutes. They were nice guys, supplied with top of the line equipment and began the process of taking my vitals. They were prepping me to put my ankle in a fancy new air splint design I hadn’t seen before.

As they were taking my numbers, they asked which hospital I wanted to go to. Evidently the Contractor provides free transport to medical facilities for their employees. This is when we point out that I am not a defense contractor employee, rather I am a federal employee who audits them. They immediately put away the splint and wrapped my foot in a older pillow with some ice… I am not joking when I said that, the hubby got to see the pillow when I was at the ER.

First ambulance, with a pillow wrapped around my foot.

In addition they couldn’t take me to the hospital, but they didn’t want to release me to my supervisor so she could take me. Because we weren’t “employees” they couldn’t drive, but they had some BS excuse that they couldn’t release me to someone with less medical experience. This means they called a second ambulance company (a third party) to come get me and take me to the ER.

Second non-contractor ambulance, actually going to hospital.

Fast forward an hour, I had been transferred between two ambulances and arrived at a local hospital. There they x-rayed my ankle and foot and it came back with a break. They are a little worried about the placement of the break (a Jones Break I believe) so had me set up an appointment with an orthopedic specialist on Friday. Meanwhile I am not allowed to do any weight bearing at all on my foot as they put in a temporary fiberglass cast.

Xray Time
Emergency Room Waiting
FInal situation “temporary cast”

So here I am back home, a little drugged up, with an ankle sprained and swollen and a broken foot, out of work at least for the rest of the week, blowing my saved up leave. Hopefully I won’t need surgery, I need this healed before the hubby’s surgery in November. Oh, and please excuse any meanderings on this post, I am under those pesky pain meds… because this does hurt a lot.

Ghost does not approve! Not of my injury at all!

Phoenix Surgery Trip #1

In May 2017 we went down to Phoenix Arizona for the hubby’s first portion of his bottom surgery. he did really well and I am very proud of him and who he has become. So this is many of those photos/videos that we took down there.


MoPOP Museum Trip (2/11/17).

On February 11, 2017 my husband Wolsey, my friend Dunk and myself went to the Museum of Pop Culture, it used to be known as the Experience Music Project Museum (EMP) (see the site at

I found the trip fun overall, I love hanging with my hubby and friends. We only went and saw the Sci-Fi museum portion of the MoPop. I personally am not interested in music, so we didn’t touch that portion at all. While we were there we took pictures of some of the items. They had a Star Trek exhibit, which like the Battlestar Galactica exhibit we explored years ago, was overhyped and sort of a disappointment to me.

I think it isn’t that it doesn’t represent good things, but rather I live with someone who can make costumes by hand and almost all of the costumes they used for the shows/movies/etc were not up to the hubby’s skills. Now a point of order, they don’t have to be, because the filming won’t catch the problems. You only see the disappointing stuff in person (well and on HD now).

So here are my pictures and video:

USS Midway Museum Redux

I already have the picture gallery up here. However, I decided to treat it like the rest of my 365 project and put it in a video. Funny enough there is more detail about each picture in the video then in the gallery.

For those of you that missed the original gallery, I went to San Diego for training. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I did make time to go to the USS Midway Museum. I figured I should do something while I am down here.

So here it is, slightly in excess of 4 minutes worth of museum pictures put to music.

Scottsdale Museum of the West (5/28/17)

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

We arrived down in Phoenix on 5/28/17 to set up for the hubby’s surgery. We decided on a whim that we wanted to go see “Scottsdale’s Museum of the West”. It was new (2015), it had a fancy building and we figured why not. We needed to blow a couple of hours and I figured this would give us 30-60 minutes of entertainment before we found lunch.

Wolsey hanging in front of Museum

three hours later I was really glad we went. It was informative, with Judith being the best tour guide I have ever been with. We stayed long enough to go through two different tours. One was for John Coleman, “Past/Present/Future” exhibit. A tremendous sculpture who I primarily photographed.

There was a second tour that dealt with a lot of the artwork in the upper floors of early American West, but since it was mostly paintings/drawings I didn’t feel it was appropriate to photograph it. Plus, we were so lost in Judith’s narration of the old west that I didn’t even think of it most of the time.

I was a little worried, noticing how paternal, or downright conservative some people were here that the tour would be very “cowboy centric”. I was wrong, while there was still a little bit of unexamined paternalism, Judith and the museum both were very clear to the hardships, pain and horror caused by the anglos to the natives. Judith even when into a bit on current day topics such as treatment of sovereign native land.

I was really impressed and I urge everyone to go to the museum if they can.


Lesson 1: Pre-Dawn Photography #1

I haven’t really gotten to play with my new camera much. I have taken a bunch of random photos, but not really discovered what I am doing with it yet. I do plan on adding a photography portfolio here, but until then I figure I will just do regular posts.

Lesson 1: Low light photography not as easy as you would think.

I woke up on May 21st just at sunrise. I hadn’t ever really attempted pre-dawn photography before other than quick snaps with my phone. I kept two pics to remind me what I need to learn. Which is a lot btw.

I didn’t realize that the camera keeps the shutter open longer to gather in light if there isn’t a lot of light around it. It is rather straightforward when you think about it, but I hadn’t considered it at all. The second part of my lesson is how heavy and awkward that camera is when you are waiting for it to take in enough light. Here you can see where my hands shook.

Didn’t realize I needed a tripod.

It had dawned on me that I may actually need the tripod. While I appreciate the squiggly lines, I of course wanted to take a clean picture. Sadly, my tripod was put away, so I placed my camera on the porch balcony. It resulted in a better picture, but still not what I wanted.

Not what I wanted, but better than expected.

So it turns out that I will need to brace the camera. I will take that more seriously now and keep the tripod where I can set it up. The shot isn’t as clear as I want, but I couldn’t point it directly at anything since it was sitting on the balcony. I know it is similar if I try and take a photo of the moon or stars, with the light. I guess I will be utilizing my tripod now :).

Also I think that is Mars to the left and down low on the horizon.