Jorgensen Forge

I have a lot of memories of stories my father told me. They range the gamut from Vietnam, to childhood, to stories about things before I was old enough to remember.

One of them was how he worked at Jorgensen Forge for six months in the foundry. This was when we lived in downtown Seattle (on capitol hill) with me and my mother. I was still really sick as an infant and he had to sell the car to help pay the rent.

He ended up with the job at the foundry, but there weren’t any direct buses. The foundry is outside the Boeing plant in Tukwila in a huge industrial area. The buses back then were even worse than now.

He would take the bus (over an hour to get there), then walk miles to work to do 10 hour nights. After 10 hours (maybe it was 12) of working in the place he would walk those miles back to the bus and then come home.

He told me about a guy he met (I can’t remember the name) that he liked. Evidently the guy graduated as a teacher from college but found out he hated children. So he became a worker in the forge as well and enjoyed it a lot more. It is funny how we like jobs we didn’t expect.

I think about my dad’s story now because the place I work auditing is just down the road. It always makes me think about him when I see the building. I figure as I remember the stories I will write down what I remember and at least have that here, I do regret not writing his stories down more, but I have enough to last.

Either way, here is modern day Jorgensen Forge

Important note, I just discovered that it is closing. Seems a shame to me, but that is life

Seattle Times: Jorgensen Forge Closing After 78 Years in Business

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