Lost in a city (dream)

The dreams keep coming, incredibly vivid and intense lately.

I was at work at my current job when I got a notice that I had to fly out for training on quick notice. Not a huge deal, while I hate this I have done it before. I was in a large east coast city, although I think even in the dream I wasn’t sure which one.

I arrived at the work site the day before training, and one of the regular instructors informed me I would have to catch a bus to the training site the next day. Unlike our regular training where bussing is provided, it would have to be a public transit bus. I am fairly sure he told me where to go, but even in the dream I couldn’t tell you exactly where. All I knew was the city was huge.

So the rest of my coworkers scattered (we had evidently met at some public area, I think a bus station). I knew I had to get to the area that evening so I could crash in a hotel room first. I wandered across the street and around a bit but couldn’t find a single bus stop anywhere. I knew they should be right there.

I then walked down and into a little shop, with three younger ladies and asked them. They pointed out and indicated if I go across the street and down about half a block the bus would be right there. I thanked them for everything, turned around and left their shop, only to find I wasn’t in the same area, and there were no bus stops and no real roads, more like some weird area with lots of buildings, but once again no roads.

I turned around to go back in and ask when I found that their shop was gone as well. I was a little worried so I just walked in a straight line, figuring I am in a city, I will come across a road fairly soon through the buildings. That is when I end up on what appeared to be a single road, with woods on the other side. Then the sudden worry I was going to end up in Baltimore.

I have no idea where the city of Baltimore came from, but I woke up disorientated and lost feeling.

I suspect a lot of this has to do with the fact I had an impromptu training scheduled this week, where I got pushed hard to go to St. Louis. I was able to avoid that due to my broken foot, but it was half assed organization and I still have to grudgingly call in for useless training that won’t help for most of the week.

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