Time is flying by

I can’t believe it is already April (and halfway through that). It really only seems like October was just a couple of weeks ago (especially with the current weather). I even have put off running my hubby’s second game (Cthulhu-like) since November thinking I wanted to update it, but now its almost six months with it not being done. I need to fix that.

I guess a lot has happened though. We have had a surgery for Wolsey, along with a lot of healing. My foot has been broken for six months now, and our job is this endless purgatory that time doesn’t really seem to intersect with.

The good thing is a month ago the hubby got a state job, and is out of the purgatory/hell of the Defense Department. I am aiming to follow him out of the DoD as soon as possible. My first problem is my broken foot. I don’t dare leave until it is fixed, since it happened on the job and getting the feds to respond to anything from an ex-employee is impossible.

There are a couple other things that are holding me here for a couple months at least, mostly money and our lease. That combined with some things I haven’t talked about yet (but probably will in next few months) will signify a GIGANTIC change in my life, probably the second biggest event other then marrying the hubby. Definitely not a bad decision (actually its a very good decision I should have made decades ago), but it comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty.

I daresay I will sit down to talk about it in the next few months and be blown away by how quick the time keeps going by and all the changes. I guess that is life though, especially the older you get, the less a week or a month seem in comparison to your past experiences.

Here is to enjoying your time though! I plan on doing that.

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