Supernatural attack at work (dream)

I had a remarkably calm yet very clear dream last night.

I was at work (current DoD job) with my hubby and what seemed to be the entirety of all five offices in the area. We were in some sort of stadium seating conference room with the normal talking going on.

Hubby looked up and asked me if I heard it. I stopped and listened (which is funny if you know me, I have partial hearing loss) and something was going on. Both of us got up and started telling people to follow us outside. We went out the emergency exit and then it was an outside stairway going down what seemed like several stories.

We were halfway down and we knew there was some sort of attacker up there. It wasn’t a human with a gun, I keep thinking it was something big and nasty with pointy bits. However our coworkers are idiots. They kept going back up, there were donuts and they didn’t want to do any leave without pay by missing the conference (LWOP). The final argument most of them used was they wanted the promotion to Grade 13 and if the CAD director saw them gone they wouldn’t get it.

Eventually it was just me, hubby and a couple of the less idiotic people let outside at the bottom. We watched as everyone kept going back up and into the door a few floors above. Every time someone opened the door we would hear screaming and the sound of fighting, but they would still go inside.

The funny part was, I woke up and I wasn’t scared, or worried. I just kept thinking what a bunch of idiots. I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about that for most of my coworkers.

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