The Americans (Season 2)

Not only is it still a good series, it got better as well.

The series continues with following their family as Philipp and Elizabeth continue spying. It starts with a horrific death of another “illegal” couple they are friends with, and wraps the season up with finding out who and why the murder happened.

They got over the whole “will they, won’t they” situation and established the two main protagonists (are they protagonists if they are the Soviets?) who love each other. We get a bit more of a larger overarching story and the plots run together well.

The only real negative I have is not the actress playing Paige, their 14 year old daughter, and not the actual writing, I just hate the whiny self-entitled privilege that she works from. That is a good writing thing, but its the part of the series that drives me nuts.

Pros: This is still better than Homeland, and a great thriller.

Cons: I still hate angsty 14 year old drama.


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