Chance (Season 1)

Hugh Laurie is back, as another diagnostician. It may seem to be a repeat, but it isn’t and you will want to see it.

Mr. Laurie is back as a neuropsychiatrist who diagnoses people and sends them to specialists they need. That is where the similarity to House ends. It is about what happens when a patient comes into his life and turns it upside down.

Rather then being a narcissistic jerk (whom we all watched House for) he is a family man, shortly after a divorce with a teenage daughter. He accidentally gets involved in an underworld he doesn’t understand, but fortunately he has a friend named “D” (don’t call him Darius).

D steals the show for me though. I liked Hugh Laurie, but Ethan Suplee’s acting and just his character in general made me even more interested.

Sadly I can’t give any more details without spoilers, so all I can say is go see it.

Pros: Interesting from the first episode, great actors/actresses and the chemistry is worth seeing.

Cons: The trope of multiple personality (not Chance) and the fact that it takes forever for Chance to figure out how the underworld works.

Season 2 just came out, and I am going to go see it.

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