AHS: Coven (Season 3)

We are back for more of a return to the style of original American Horror Story: Murder House (Season 1)

I really love the anthology setup for tv series like this. It allows a complete story to be told in a season, so there is no annoying cliff hangers that are never answered. It allows a good story to be told because there is a start, middle and end, and it is especially good because if you have an idea that doesn’t work for everyone as a story, then they can come back the next season and may find something they do like.

We have gotten away from the even vague suggestions of aliens and abduction in this season. Here we are in New Orleans and the story is about a power struggle in a witch coven, while there is a war with a voudon priestess and her support with a mixing of witch hunters involved.

Almost all of the cast is back, but they have added Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. The acting has gone up several notches, even though there are some teen witch angst (but in a AHS style) and when you have Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates all in the same room the acting just soars.

Pros: The biggest pro is the changing stories between seasons, followed by a more supernatural/witch feeling in this.

Cons: Probably a little too much focus on teen witches, I understand why they did it but I am getting close to 50 and teen witch stories don’t do it for me.

I will definitely follow up with Season 4 “Freakshow”.

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