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Lately I have gotten some new followers that have been great. Some of them however have reached out and asked me what my site is all about. I suspect it is because they came here for one thing such as reviews, or baking, or whatever, and they are surprised when there are a few reviews, then some pictures then all of a sudden some heavy family shit.

They have been kind, directing me to some sources that show blogs do better when they are focused. I don’t doubt them at all.

After all, this is exactly why Accidentally Gay, my blog on being married to a transgender man has its own blog, own followers. It is for me such a specific subject that probably will never stop being focused on that it was easy to do its own thing.

Same reason Second String General and Things You Should Know have their own focus as well. These are things I can understand people focusing on with me. One is my video game youtube channel with about 1200 videos so far, the other an educational youtube channel repository of different things I want to teach. However they are so different and so focused they all needed their own space as well.

I don’t think they understood when I replied that I don’t consider myself a movie reviewer, or a recipe expert and that these are all just facets of my personal life. I do keep my gaming posts for the most part relegated to their own blogs, since they are such a different thing then most mainstream people look at and are often used by my players. But that is mostly for my purpose to organize, record and disperse to my players.

Maybe in the future if I felt more comfortable with it, or decided it meant something else, I would start separate blogs for reviews and stuff, but for now it is all about my life. I thought maybe I would try to explain why here, hopefully its understandable why my blog is so random. It is because I am so random, scattered and full of half ideas.

Either way, you are all welcome, and if any of you figure out how to have your feed/reader only show certain categories let me know so I can let others know. I do try to categorize everything steadily, that way you can at least know if its something you might be interested in.


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