Ozark (Season 1)

Surprisingly good show about accounting and money laundering.

Ok, so it isn’t truly about that, it is only the premise. Just like the Accountant with Ben Affleck (I should call it the Auditor, because he was doing auditing not accounting) thrill me on a level that most shows don’t. I mean how often is my actual career field ever featured in an underworld type show with murder, mayhem and a wall full of money.

How couldn’t I like it?

I just watched the show on an impulse. It kept showing up in my “recommended” list on Netflix and one 3am insomnia driven morning I watched an episode, and I liked it.

Jason Bateman and the rest of the cast were really good. The pacing went well, and Bateman did a heck of a good job directing and acting in it. I binged it over two or three days and will watch the second session when it’s greenlight.

The only issue I really had was how they treated the children. They kept showing the children unable to handle the situation and being overly childish. I guess I come from a different world were something very similar to the plotline happened to my family and the 16 year old, 12 year old and 7 year old never acted like any of those children. People don’t understand how adaptable kids are, otherwise we wouldn’t have child soldiers or child prostitutes.

That was the only real issue I had. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Pros: Almost all of it, especially the tight story and twists that do catch you by surprise.

Cons: The kids reaction to the situation in the beginning, and the fact that watching this makes me realize how old I am (Jason Bateman is only three years older than me and I remember him as a child actor).

I am in for season 2.

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