365 Project – January 2017 (returns after a hiatus)

Date: January 2017

We have been on hiatus for a long time due to everything that happened to my family in last 2 years. We are back, but this time I am probably going to just use pictures, with occasional video clips. All the iPhone pictures up until the end of July 2017 are in normal 4:3 because I hadn’t planned this out right. All the ones after this however will be in normal widescreen. This means I have to adjust/crop all the pictures before that to fit in, hopefully no quality issues, but we will see.

I will get the February – July 2017 out within a couple of weeks, then monthly add after that. I will be also putting out separately galleries for different events and trips.

The music is “Lost Temple of the Moon” by Steven Lowther provided by http://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com
Website: http://www.luckyslife.com

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