Bosch (Season 3)

Bosch-Season-3The show surprised me again, it just got better.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t interested in a trope-y cop noire series, then you still don’t want to watch this. My complaints in the past though have been addressed in a few ways.

It isn’t just about Bosch anymore. He is still the main star, he will always be the main star, however we get to learn more about his partner, about the other cops and about Irving.

The plot isn’t just about his mother. Oh, it is about his mother, but there are so many other plots, relationships, and encounters that you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed by it. To be fair though, I really dislike his ex-wife’s plot involving working for the FBI. I could do without her completely, and definitely without it.

The show is very serialized, meaning the episodes bleed into each other. I know what happened in the season, but I would be hard pressed to point at the specific episode it happened in. The show is good at the long form of writing, but I am spoiled with most of my shows and sometimes wish there would be that “oh shit” episode.

Pros: The writing is getting better.

Cons: Repeat of season 2: Dear god can we stop with the murdered mother storyline?

I hear they are writing season 4. I am definitely in on it.

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