Scottsdale Museum of the West (5/28/17)

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

We arrived down in Phoenix on 5/28/17 to set up for the hubby’s surgery. We decided on a whim that we wanted to go see “Scottsdale’s Museum of the West”. It was new (2015), it had a fancy building and we figured why not. We needed to blow a couple of hours and I figured this would give us 30-60 minutes of entertainment before we found lunch.

Wolsey hanging in front of Museum

three hours later I was really glad we went. It was informative, with Judith being the best tour guide I have ever been with. We stayed long enough to go through two different tours. One was for John Coleman, “Past/Present/Future” exhibit. A tremendous sculpture who I primarily photographed.

There was a second tour that dealt with a lot of the artwork in the upper floors of early American West, but since it was mostly paintings/drawings I didn’t feel it was appropriate to photograph it. Plus, we were so lost in Judith’s narration of the old west that I didn’t even think of it most of the time.

I was a little worried, noticing how paternal, or downright conservative some people were here that the tour would be very “cowboy centric”. I was wrong, while there was still a little bit of unexamined paternalism, Judith and the museum both were very clear to the hardships, pain and horror caused by the anglos to the natives. Judith even when into a bit on current day topics such as treatment of sovereign native land.

I was really impressed and I urge everyone to go to the museum if they can.


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