Memory: Birch Bay (1986/87)

From September of 1986 through February 1987 we lived in Birch Bay Washington. We had been homeless for a long time, moving from Everett, to Lake Stevens, to Lake Tahoe, and then up and down the I-5 corridor until we ended up here as one stop in our travels. Actually I should say its two of our stops. This does not include my experience at a motel at the end, then with Camp Horizon a year later.

It began with living homeless in Birch Bay State Park for the last of the warmth of September and getting into a mobile home just as the cold winds started. From there we were able to attend Blaine School District (I went to Blaine High School, my siblings to Blaine elementary/middle schools).

Yes that is plastic bag like material (I want to say biscuine but that isn’t spelled right)

Funny enough, being homeless and living in the state park seemed normal to me. After all we had a contract out on our family, we hadn’t lived in any place stable since the year before (well six-eight months before). We had bolted out of Lake Stevens because people owed my dad a lot of money, and they couldn’t pay it, it was cheaper to get rid of him and us. Yes that is its own post at some point in the future.

The tent made it almost like a real home.

The park itself had all the amenities we needed after living in a car for those six-eight months. It had a place to set up outside, and we soon upgraded to a tent after getting there. There was a pay for shower (which by the way is a godsend when five people and a dog live in a car).

After living there for several weeks my parents found a mobile home. It was comfortable enough, I believe it was a two bedroom so all of us kids shared one room. From there I went to Blaine High school for a little over a semester. Blaine High School was interesting place, I went to it a couple of weeks ago after 29 years and found it to be a lot smaller and dumpier then I remember. I guess that is how life moves.

Definitely not what I remember.

During that time I met a girl named Morgan. She had white hair (not joking, full white hair that sometimes teens have), and was from Montana. We talked a lot and I had the biggest crush on her. Sadly, at the age of 15 I didn’t know how to talk to girls and I never approached her. I am fairly sure now that she liked me, she like to lay her head in my lap on the 35 minute bus ride home. At the time though, I was a stupid teen. By February her family had moved back to Montana and we were homeless again.

Lora Lane (was different in childhood)
Fall 1986 – The one photo of the trailer.

Sometime in the winter of 1987 we ended up homeless again and lived out of a motel in Blaine, WA for a short while before settling in Bellingham (don’t think we found one place, I probably lived in 5-6 places in Bellingham during high school, but I will post those as separate entries).

I am hoping as I skim through my parents stuff I will find more pictures. I don’t have any of the time we were in the trailer at the moment. I will add them to the gallery below as I find them though.

Link back to a listing of all homes I have lived in.

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