Bosch (Season 2)

It surprisingly got better.

If y0u are wanting big changes, you won’t find it here. If you want the acting and stories to get better and deeper then you do have it. Instead of a single individual, Bosch is investigating another case, lots of groups and a couple of relationships that intertwine those stories.

This time a pornographer, bad cops, the Armenian mob and an ex-wife that can’t stop getting in trouble add up to 10 episodes of a good police drama. I can’t say enough that I appreciate that the whole “thin blue line” thing isn’t necessarily a positive.

I also like how they have started wrapping the third season into the end of the second season. Although while I like his background, the murder of his mother was the impetus for Season 1, and evidently it will be the storyline for Season 3 and seriously could we stop with the murdered mother trope.

Pros: The story is better this season, the acting is still good.

Cons: Dear god can we stop with the murdered mother storyline?

Yes, I will watch season 3 now.


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