Sneaky Pete (Season 1)

I started watching it as a lark, I was bored and getting ready for work so I started it. Halfway through the first episode I was all in.

I have always liked Giovani Ribisi as an actor. From Saving Private Ryan to Dads, to Avatar. I realize he isn’t what is considered in the superstar status but he is one of those character actors that is great to watch. When you saddle him with Margot Martindale, another awesome character actor you get a lot of good show.

He plays a con man who goes by Pete, who is being hunted after tour in prison. He spent the last few years in prison listening to the stories of the perfect family from his cellmate. He gets out and infiltrates his cell-mate’s family as the cellmate (the cellmate hadn’t seen his family for 20 years or so) using the stories he was told. He does this to avoid the man he owes money to, the phenomenal Bryan Cranston.

The first season covers how he has to then save his brother from Bryan Cranston, while maintaining his new identity. Oh, and the kicker is that the family is a bail bond family, meaning they deal with criminals and are involved in working with the law. This throws even more stress on Pete.

Pros: The storytelling is good but what sells it is the acting by everyone involved.

Cons: Some of the plot lines are typical “keep your identity” shenanigans. It doesn’t handle it badly, I just hate that kind of thing.

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