Taboo (Season 1)

TabooUnexpectedly very good! Especially for a time period I never had an interest in.

The story was unexpected for me. The series follows Tom Hardy playing James Delaney, someone who worked for the East India Company, and a man long believed dead who returns to London in 1814 to inherit is father’s estate that includes the land his father owned in the new world.

The show starts with a bang and from there becomes an incredibly fast paces, brutal piece of work that shows squalor, mysticism, and the greed and power of the East India company as it tries to force James to give them the land in North America.

The show’s title is definitely an indicator of the story itself. I don’t want to go into details on that except to say it is definitely not what I expected from a TV show until I learned it was partnered by BBC. I also didn’t expect the show’s idea came from Tom Hardy and his father.

Like many shows nowadays (especially in my experience from the BBC style) it is a short season. Season 1 is eight episodes. Enough to tell a great story, to keep things tight and not ramble too badly.

Pros: Intriguing story, great acting and very immersive in a time period I would have never thought interesting..

 Cons: James is probably too good at anticipating what the Crown and the East India company do that it sometimes strains credibility. Season is a bit short if you just want to enjoy the show itself.

While there are some issues, overall it is a great season and a great show.


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