About Me

Yes it's meWelcome to my new blog. I figure I should start out about me. I am a 40+ your old white male in a wonderful marriage with the most stupendous guy you would ever meet (yes, that is same-sex marriage if that matters to you). He goes by Jello here, so if I write about someone named Jello, that’s him.

I have always been a social justice warrior, being in a same-sex marriage just means I get to fight on the front lines. Don’t think this doesn’t mean I don’t find women attractive, I guess I find everyone attractive. You will find I am not conservative in any aspect and that I am not conventionally religious as well.

I am geeky. I watch Doctor Who, science fiction, roleplaying games and of course video games. I love strategy, history and just about anything in that theme (video game, table top, old school chit games). I even have a Youtube “Let’s Play” channel called “Second String General“.

I also love science, history, art, and by profession I am an auditor with almost a decade of governmental auditing (different levels from local, state and federal). I worked in tax, I used to manage medical clinics and I just love learning things. For this I also have a youtube channel called “Things You Should Know“. I run a lot of different series, ranging from Civil War battles, accounting, biographies and tax. I plan on expanding that as I go.

Oh, and I am starting a normal Youtube channel just person observations, etc that I will probably wrap into here as well.

You will see posts about all of these subjects, plus just personal observations and recipes.

I will update this about me more as time and personal desire allows, until then you will see random posts on everything.

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