Deep Ones vs Minions 2-1 Victory!

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: 3rd Season
Game Date: July 20, 2014
Home Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Away Team: Mill Creek Mighty Minions
Final Score: Deep Ones 2, Minions 1  –VICTORY!
Deep One Stats:  1 – 0 – 0  (pre-season 1 – 0 – 1)

Kick off 3rd Season 1st Game

Setup for the first kick-off, with the Deep Ones receiving.

Fans Rush 3rd Season 1st Game

Upon the actual kick-off, the fans raced the field leaving both teams reeling with stunned players, sadly the Deep Ones took the worst of it.

Treemen 3rd Season 1st Game

Treemen for the Minons were brutal, with not rolling “take root” for most of the first half they injured several players, including putting two out for the next game and permanently injuring Marshawn Pinch and reducing his MA by one.

Treemen Down 3rd Season 1st Game

After brutal grinding, the Deep Ones began to make a break.

Touchdown 3rd Season 1st Game

We are almost there!

Kickoff 3rd Season 1st Game

Setup for kick-off to the Minions

Brutal 3rd Season 1st Game

The match ends with a 2 – 1 victory and with that the Deep Ones will continue on into the season.


  • MVPs – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7)
  • Casualties Inflicted – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7)
  • Casualties Received Marshawn Pinch (#11) (out for the next game, -1 MA permanently), Ron Alexander (#12) (out for the next game)


  • Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9), added “Guard”


It was a close game the entire time. I had never played a halfling team before and honestly there was some overconfidence. That overconfidence left when I saw the two normal treemen that were part of the team, and the star player that Casebolt the Commissioner brought in. This resulted in most of the first half of the Deep Ones being grinded into the ground. 3 players were injured (two out for the next game and one with a permanent -1 MA). I had never imagined the nightmare of the brutality of treemen who never end up rolling “take root”. They are slow, but when you have to put people on the line, you can’t avoid them.

I am learning to move in formations more. The box formation saved me on the first half. The second half they had evened up the score 1-1 and I was able to move in and score the second touchdown. After that Casebolt moved down the field and in an desperate bid to stop him, Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth dodged into two squares, each with three tackle-zones in order to blitz the ball carrier. I needed to roll a 6 twice. The first roll was a natural 6, the second square was different. We got the success with a use of the team re-roll and I was able to stop the halflings from tying it up again.

So the lessons I learned from this:

  • Don’t underestimate stunty teams, and their large monster players.
  • Learn to fear the throw-teammate ability.
  • Don’t underestimate the ability to move a box formation to prevent the opponent from taking the ball from you.
  • Never hesitate to dodge in. The game is about taking chances. A spectacular defeat is better then boring careful movement (and its even better when you beat all odds).

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