The Leftovers (Season 1)

Last week I tried to watch the first episode of “The Leftovers“. First it was horribly acted, boring and moved at the pace of a glacier. However the reason I stopped halfway through was because of the overall storyline. According to the story, approximately 2% of the population disappeared, the rest of the world is now teetering on disaster as people can’t handle what happened. Social order is breaking down and the world is starting to fall apart.

To me it is a poor plot. Not even counting wars that wiped out far more then 10-20% of individual country’s population with no social breakdown like this, the Spanish Flu killed 3.6% of the entire WORLD population in 1918, almost double the amount in the series. Yet to my knowledge (and perusal of history books after watching this show), the world’s social order didn’t even come close to breaking down as much in the series.

You can tell the series is made from a “Christian” perspective, not that I expected anything else from a series about the rapture (or at least it appears that is what it is, maybe the writers will reveal it is aliens). It indicates that people are weak, unable to handle earth shaking events, and overall it annoyed me.

I am so tired of this perspective being shoved down our throats. If they wanted to show something with this kind of problem either they should have made it a much larger population of the world (20+%?). In addition I would have made the cause something more believable, say another round of disease, or even aliens. Overall I would avoid the show if I were you, that is just my opinion.

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