Deep Ones vs Epidemics 0 – 0

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: Pre-Season – 3rd Season
Game Date: June 22, 2014
Home Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Away Team: Ever-Rott Epidemics
Final Score: Deep Ones 0, Epidemics 0  -Tie!
Deep One Stats: 1 – 0 – 1 (pre-season)

Pre-Season Game 2 EBBL 3rd Season

Initial kick off, with the Deep Ones receiving the ball.

PSG2 - 3rd EBBL Season

After half-time, the Deep Ones are tied 0 – 0 with the Epidemics.

Pre-Season Game 2 EBBL 3rd Season

Second half started with the Epidemics receiving the ball

PSG2 - 2nd Half

In an unexpected turn of events, Deep One thrower Goorin Moon killed Poxy Paul the Rotter, and within one more turn the Ogre Pete Ferril had killed Oozing Oliver as well.

PS Ep vs DO

The match ends with a 0 – 0 tie and with that the Deep Ones will continue on into the regular season.


  • MVPs – Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7), Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16)
  • Casualties Inflicted. – Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9)


  • Loaf Tatopoo, Blitzer (#7), added “Guard”
  • Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16) added “Guard”
  • Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), added “Block”
  • Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth (#9), added “Guard”

GAME OBSERVATIONS: The game went really well even with a tie. My opposing coach Phyrloki was great to play with and a lot of out of game sportsmanship (it’s Blood Bowl, there is never any “in game” sportsmanship).  The score let’s you know how the game went, it was completely a knock down and drag out fight. I think I got one pass off, and Phy got the ball twice down in my red zone but none of us could get anywhere. What I did learn is I am not aggressive enough. I need to be less worried about failing rolls, after all I was failing them anyways. I think if I had took advantage of my speed (my team is slightly faster) we might have pulled a point or two out. I think next time I will read up on the opposing team ahead of time and read up on strategies. I think I am going to purchase an apothecary for that valuable health reroll in case of injury, and save up to get a catcher (should be next game, since I have 50k remaining). I do war with the idea of picking up a lineman though, get an extra teammate since right now I have exactly 11 men, so any injuries will make me less able to engage in the next rounds.

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