3rd EBBL Pre-season 1 Game Curb Jobs vs Deep Ones

League: Everett Blood Bowl League
Season: Pre-Season – 3rd Season
Game Date: June 7, 2014
Away Team: North Everett Deep Ones
Home Team: Northsound Curb Jobs
Final Score: Deep Ones 2, Curb Jobs 0  – Deep Ones Victory!
Deep One Stats: 1-0 (pre-season)

Set Up - Kick OffInitial kick off, with the Deep Ones receiving the ball.

Post HalftimeAfter half-time, the Deep Ones are ahead 1-0, but the ogre Pete Ferril is knocked out.

Last TurnThe final turn, where the Curb Jobs realize they will not overcome the 0-2 score, and instead focus on causing some fouling pain to poor Pete Ferril (Ogre) who had finally gotten back in the game.


  • MVPs – Goorin Moon, Thrower (#1), Pete Ferril, Ogre (#16)
  • Comps. – Loaf Tatoopoo, Blitzer (#7), Byron “Buzz” Buzzworth, Blitzer (#9).
  • TDs – Richard Sher-men, Blitzer (#8), Ron Alexander, Lineman (#12)

This was my first table top blood bowl game in a long time. I have to say I was nervous. I am very lucky though, our Commissioner and other players are all very nice, and very inclusive. I got to play against BobWolf and his goblin team.

The game itself went smoothly. Humans against goblins I think favors the humans overall, but two trolls and two fanatics have some good hitting power. Plus Bob is pretty good at taking every advantage he could to foul.

The first half went smoothly. The humans ran the ball in fairly quickly with minimal losses. The goblings got the ball back, and while the humans did hold the gobbos off from scoring, it cost several humans and Pete Ferril, my esteemed ogre, knockouts to do so.

We came back to the second half, once again kicking off to the goblins and this time several men down, including Pete. It was hard fought, but with some dodging and diving, the humans were able to take back the ball and score. The final few rounds were the goblins trying to score some extra SPP by fouling and pulling out their big toys. The humans kept the lead and walked away with a 2-0 victory, and no serious injuries (albeit pre-season injuries/deaths don’t count).

I had an awesome time, I am definitely glad to get involved and I think I may even start a separate blog to track all my Games Workshop games (since I am now playing 40k and blood bowl).

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