Bloodbowl Combine 1

I have been trying to get back into tabletop wargaming for the last few weeks. During this time I have been collecting some Warhammer 40k Space Marines, and the Bolt Action main book. Well I learned that MuGu Games had a Blood Bowl league. I haven’t played the miniature version of Blood Bowl in over 8 years. Of course I had to look into it.

I talked to a pretty cool guy named Jason and he told me about the Blood Bowl league website he hosts for this league at So today we had the first of three combines for the league before the Golden Tentacle tournament in April and the new Blood Bowl Season in May.

I had a lot of fun, I played a guy named Tim. I played a human team while he played an elf. I didn’t do too bad, I lost 1-0 but it was down to the wire the entire game. Like I said though, it was great fun and now I need to look for a human team to buy. I am fortunate, Jason has a team I can play until then, but I really want to paint one for myself.

Here is a couple of pics from the game. The first is bashing down the elf line and the second I am trying to push my way up the field after the ogre had retrieved a fumble. I really want a better camera though.
Combine 1-2014

Combine 1-2014 -2The next combine is in two weeks. I might try orcs for that game, just so I can get a feel of the two teams. In addition I might check out the Bolt Action tournament the same weekend as well, I will get into that game I just want to see it played a couple of times before I commit to a force.

That is it for my weekend gaming update 🙂

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