Upcoming Cthulhu Campaign

Gathering my stuff together for my new Call of Cthulhu game. I was debating 20’s (classic feel) or modern day, but then I thought about it. I could do the ’50s. 50’s would be close enough to modern day that most things are recognizable to players. It would also allow a smattering of “ex-Nazi” type scenarios as well. I could also implement some of the ’50s horror type movie tropes as well).

Modern day is the most recognizable for players, and while technology breaks some of the illusion of horror, I could easily overcome it with Japanese movie style horror (either squelch tech during certain times, or actually use it against the players).

Finally there is the classic 20s. Its the hallmark of Cthulhu. It has the best base atmosphere. The origins of the whole mythos are based in this time period. The hardest part is player understanding. The 20s have some similarities but I have learned in the past that some of the base assertions of the time period are contrary very hard for a lot of players to understand. Now, for the 20’s (and I would do it for the 50s) I would remove a lot of the sexist bias that is inherent then. I almost always have 40%+ female gamers and I hate sexism stuff anyways. However, the rest of the 20’s element I will keep in there.

I definitely am using the old school Chaosium rules. No offense to people who like D20 system, but the insanity/combat system in Choasium is perfect, and you can’t mess with perfection.

Now to figure out which time period to set it in.

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