The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Here is my first 3 minute movie review for you. Today I am reviewing “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. In a somewhat unusual move I have seen the movie in 3D high resolution and normal 2D showings.

First, let me say I did have a lot of consternation about the Hobbit. I read it as a child, loved the book and that book is what got me to read the magnus opus Lord of the Rings trilogy.

First, let’s cover the story and acting in the movie.

I was concerned that Peter Jackson took too much license with the movie. I mean really, how can you take a story that was less than 1/3 the size of Lord of the Rings and make as many movies with it. Then I discovered he added bits from other Tolkien reference material, such as the Similarian and from his own sources. I was very concerned.

To be honest, I am here to tell you it worked out spectacularly. The additional material fills out a lot of holes in the original work. In addition Jackson shaved things out or moved things around to make the story more palatable and relatable to the modern person. It also made in my opinion Bilbo and Thorin a lot more relatable.

I know a lot of people are angry he changed things, but I have to say I think he did the right thing. I think the story deserves a chance. I think the story was great.

Just quickly I want to say also the acting was great. Ian McKellen was fantastic as was everyone from the LOTR movies. There were newer actors, but I will be honest I didn’t recognize almost any of them except James Nesbitt who played in the BBC version of Jekyll which I loved.

Honestly I didn’t realize who Richard Armistice was (Thorin) until reading the IMDB. I liked him as Guy of Gisborne in BBC’s Robin Hood as well.

Now, there is one additional thing I would like to say. I do think there was one huge failure in the movie. That would be 3D and High Definition.

The 3D was very vertigo inducing in me and the people I went with. By the time you could focus on the action in 3D, the action had moved. Some of the sweeping camera pans were naseau inducing and honestly its not worth the money.

This was also the first movie I have seen in the new High Definition filming and it was horrible. I know Jackson probably went as all out with costuming as he did in LoTR, but the new filming showed flaws. You could seen issues with costuming (especially the hobbit feet) and it gave an overall almost “video” like quality to the movie. There were scenes that the filming reminded me of the old tv series (not movie) of Dark Shadows.

However, we went back and saw the 2D version and like I suspected it was awesome. The filming was great, the video quality was gone. The props looked well.

So basically I think this was a great movie, but I urge everyone to avoid the 3D or High Definition versions, not only are they not worth the extra money, they actually make the movie worse. I will be seeing the next two in 2D standard filming myself.

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