World War Z

I am not sure this is going to work for me.

Sadly I loved the book, especially when I heard it via audiobook. Jurgon Prochnow as the German armored commander, Henry Rollings as the mercenary on the island and Alan Alda as the supply chain guy.

I am nervous about the movie. Perhaps I wouldn’t have liked reading the book as much, but the audio book really was cool for me. The book was about how the human race would survive something like this due to a bunch of little victories, not about someone “saving” the world.

I liked the idea it was a collection of a bunch of smaller stories  (of slow zombies) told in one book, this looks like its fast zombies and one single story (Brad Pitt’s character in the book was a reporter, reporting after the war the stories of the zombie war, not saving the world). I would have rather they made 28 Months, then I could get behind the “infected”.

I may go see it because I love zombie movies, but as it comes closer and I see more trailers I may have to miss this one. It just depends on how this pans out as we get closer to June.

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