Tattoo Update

Here are two photos of my Tattoos, with descriptions. I still have a long way to go.


Back tattoo as of 9-8-12


My back tattoos as of 9-8-12. I still have many sessions to go. This overall tattoo is a symbol of my life. The yin-yang of good and bad (devil girl, angel) from Catholicism. Then Buddhism is represented as I have the pagoda, water fall/fire and the Dharma wheel (which my tattoo artist rocks and gave it a chaos symbol feel.

Of course the Dharma wheel has an apple and a serpent to once again intermix Christianity with Buddhism.The tattoos above are the Sacred Heart, for Catholicism past, Heraldic Lion (I am a Leo), a Scorpion for my wife (a scorpio). Those upper tattoos will be incorporated to the rest of the back tattoo as we work our way upwards.


Apple/Dharma Wheel from the back tattoo.

The combined imagery of the Buddhist Dharma Wheel (mixed with a bit of Chaos symbolism) the apple and the serpent. The weird reflection (white spots) is the A&D Ointment, the color is solid underneath, just need to take care of my tattoo while its healing.

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