Journal Update

I just finished moving over a modified version of the last 10 years of journal entries. I cut a whole hell of a lot out. After having read through all of that I think I am going to tighten up my journal vs social network posts.

A lot of my posts were inane little chatter, which I have found in the last year is better used for facebook/google plus then for actual journals. So hopefully my little updates will be kept off the blog, and I can actually do more in depth blog posting.

I am more than happy to give anyone who can read this, my facebook and googleplus names so we can friend up if you want to read the little stuff. Actually maybe I will add those to the links as well.

2 thoughts on “Journal Update

  1. I haven't gotten past mine around the year 2007, at the beginning. I just can't bear to read when I got sick. 

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