Longmire S01 E01 “Pilot”

This is an older review. We will be watching this series again and I will post a season by season review.

Longmire S01 E01  “Pilot”tv show Longmire

Show:                   Longmire

Show Website:     http://www.aetv.com/longmire/about/

Episode:               “Pilot”

Air Date:               June 3, 2012

Channel:               A&E TV

Rating:             So-So /  3 Stars (still working on a rating scale)


Starring: Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman, Adam Bartley


Sheriff Longmire runs a small department in rural Wyoming. When the body of a man is found in the woods the investigation leads to tension between Longmire and the local Indian Reservation, as well as between Longmire and his Indian friend who runs a local bar.


I am not really sure what I was expecting for this show. I was surprised at the average age for the actors, being older than the average tv show out there. The show did have a bonus for it, I love Katee Sackhoff (of course from Battlestar Galactica), but even more I love Lou Diamond Phillips. I realize a lot of people discount him since the early ’90s but I have always thought he was a great actor.

The show was pretty standard from what you would expect, with many of the overused tropes. The main character is suffering from the death of his wife. There is a strong racial discord between the whites in this area of Wyoming and the First Nation tribe. The sheriff and one of the deputies are having a dispute because the deputy believes the sheriff has been neglecting his duties and so will be running against him for election. There is a single female in the sheriff’s office and her big scene was using a hairdryer to dry out a murder site from snow (not sure if the writers caught the whole woman using a hair dryer on purpose or if it was an unconcious part of the scene). Oh, and lets not forget the overweight but lovable and not quite as competent deputy named “The Ferg”.

The show also suffered a bit from it being the first episode. You can tell where people are trying to find the niche for the individual characters. Although with saying all of that, the actors did try hard and I think the chemistry was starting to catch. I also really did like the interaction between the Sheriff and the owner of the bar (Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips). They did have that feel of having known each other 37 years.

I do think overall the show may turn out well. I will watch the next two episodes at least and give it a chance.


I noticed two scenes in the episode that really did bother me. One because I am very pro women’s rights, and the other because I live in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. Katee Sackhoff is drying out the ground looking for evidence with a hair dryer. This is in the middle of a clearing full of snow. I found it not only ridiculous that they were using a hair dryer for that purpose, but they were having the one female deputy out of four or five deputies doing that job. It bothered me, more so now actually then during the actual episode.
  2. There is a scene when Sheriff Longmire says that the beer they found in his truck wasn’t drunk by him. Since he only drinks Rainier. Now, what bothered me was the way he pronounced Rainier. He pronounced it Ran-eer, which by the way isn’t even close to how you say it. It sounds the same as Mount Rainier (rain-eer). I realize its a small annoyance but could they at least do enough research to pronounce words from around here.

 Well that is about the end of my amatuerish review, and now that my narcissistic desire to be heard is over I will leave you.

2 thoughts on “Longmire S01 E01 “Pilot”

  1. This sounds like a show I'd probably like. Both Katie and Lou Diamong Philips. LDP was on Stargate: Universe, and I really liked how he carried his role. If you haven't watched SG:U because SG: Atlantis looked an aweful lot like a shark being jumped over, take a look. They did a really good job with it, and it never got deeply weird like SG:A.

  2. I loved SG:U. It's funny because that is where I got to see Robert Carlyle act, and he is the one person in "Once Upon a Time" I really really enjoy watching. I didn't realize that SG:A got weird, I have seen the first season/season and a half and was going to start netflixing it.

    Oh, and I hadn't realized that Katee was on SG:A. I will definitely have to check that out.

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