Weird Dog Dream

Last night I had another dream, we were being chased and eventually cornered in a house (there are a lot of details now, that are just hazy and I am unsure of so I wont write them). In order to survive I had to kill a rather nasty creature (it was following Bryon, yes same Bryon as the last dream, who was also followed by an ex of mine Disa – Bryon’s ex-wife, and children). I stepped up and had to kill it in order to avoid the nastier things that would  follow and kill all of us. All of a sudden the creature turned into a young man (18-20). I had a small paring knife and he kept saying he would leave us alone. I tried a couple of slices across his throat but didn’t seem to go deep enough, and I knew something bad was attached to him and coming quickly. Eventually I slide it upwards under his jaw and into his brain, just as I did that he turned into a dog, who was carrying around a bunch of carrots in his mouth (I still had the knife in the dog).

That dream sucked a lot, not sure why the man became a dog, but it really sucked a lot.


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