Christmas Eve

First and foremost, Merry Christmas everyone. I like the decorations, but don’t necessarily celebrate the Christmas religious stuff.

Yesterday was the annual “Christmas Eve” get together. Things have changed drastically over the last 25 years. It used to be the night of a huge party, lots of alcohol and the annual throw the Christmas Tree out the living room window festivity (many times the window was not opened when this happened).

The last few years it has been a mellow family affair with no alcohol, the exchange of small gifts, etc. There was less gifts this year, but thats because no one is doing extremely well financially, but hopefully that will be improving. I baked up a whole ton of cookies/candies and we got out of Seattle around 11. We had meant to get out sooner but the pecan pie wouldn’t cool quick enough. Oh, and I got a cool little Christmas tree from Finnegwyn.

We decided to take the “no highway” path up to Bellingham. It was actually a really cool ride except for the last twenty miles of turns. Next time when we get to Sedro Wooley we will cut back to old 99, a lot more of a straight ride. We didn’t get to town until 2:30, picked up the shoes that Men’s Warehouse forgot to give me and didn’t get to my parents house until a bit after 3pm.By this time I was exhausted, I had literally spent the entire Sunday baking (from 6am to 10pm with a break for food and a couple of sit down breaks).

I woke up at 8am to do the pecan pie (I meant to do it at 6am, but was way too tired, hence why we got out of Seattle late). I delivered the packages to all but ashcake and talkswithwind. Unfortunately we got there so late, that by the time dinner was over we were both wasted. We had wanted to go up to their house, give them a surprise visit and surprise baked goods. But the surprise was on us. I would just hold on to the baked goods, but unfortunately GF goods don’t store that long. I will see about another round of baking Friday if they are coming up Saturday.

We left around 6pm, and got home close to 8pm. I was so damn tired during the drive I was a bit worried a couple of times and probably should have had heresyoftruth drive. This is because I had forgotten to drink any sort of caffeine after 10am. So I chugged down some Starbucks, but no effect until we hit Seattle (which of course was too late). We ended Christmas eve hanging out, found a cockroach that was dying (by chance we have found none this morning, maybe its actually working).

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